Human rights records of multinationals in nigeria

Students on college campuses across the United States have formed the "United Students Against Sweatshops" movement, one goal of which is to pressure their respective universities to adopt strict codes of conduct governing the labor practices of suppliers producing University-licensed apparel and sporting goods.

Five years ago, simply having a code of conduct was considered a best practice. Human rights conditions have hardly improved due to corporate activities and the technologies brought in are usually still owned by the company itself, so that the self-empowering benefits of technology transfer is less than what it could be.

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Nigeria at 57 and human rights record (1)

The Nigerian constitutional democracy which we practise is definitely not in isolation of the universal human right principles and laws. Faith-based organizations in the United States and elsewhere have focused attention on several human rights issues, with particular attention on the "living wage.

But essentially, the then military regimes of Generals Abacha and Abdulsalam Abubakar treated the human rights commission as mere smokescreen for laying claim to be a government that was meeting up with the international human rights obligations of all member nations of the United Nations Organization.

The US and the European Union have sponsored several conferences in recent years to explore the impact of global codes of conduct. Contrary to the assertions of some, Human rights records of multinationals in nigeria rights are not a "Western" or "Northern" concept.

Compared to some other corporate social responsibility issues, the intersection of business and human rights has been recognized for a relatively short time.

Corporations and Human Rights

This action threatened the claims made by the thousands of South African miners who worked for Cape's subsidiary. However, the major cause of early marriage has been attributed to poverty by Tim Braimah. Chevron trial last year the plaintiffs lost the caseand reinforces the fact that US-registered companies who commit atrocities overseas can be brought to trial, even if justice is not meted out in every case.

As noted above, a growing number of companies are amending their global business principles to include reference to human rights.

This task is made more important -- and more complicated -- by the fact that many human rights principles were originally intended to apply primarily to governments. Establish Formal Human Rights Policy: Coalitions between religious organizations, trade unions and labor rights groups have become an increasingly important voice in the human rights arena.

World Bank officials have also engaged in initiatives bringing the private, public and nonprofit sectors together on human rights issues.

Corporate power at its current level was not foreseen by early lawmakers and constitutional scholars, and its foundation in law is uneasy and inconsistent. Overseas, it has even hired underage "Marlboro girls" to distribute free cigarettes to other children and sponsored concerts where cigarettes were handed out to minors.

World Report 2014: Nigeria

Around the world--in Venezuela, Argentina, India, and right here in the United States--citizens are stepping up to create democracy and hold corporations accountable to international law. Recently, significant efforts to develop models for corporate transparency have developed, notably the Global Reporting Initiative GRI and AAto develop benchmarks for how companies addressconduct dialogue, and report on a range of social issues, including human rights.

The judge said the evidence suggested that the two companies knowingly benefited from forced labour, but ruled that this alone was insufficient to establish their liability. Said the aforementioned author: Her family filed suit against Caterpillar in March charging that Caterpillar knowingly sold machines used to violate human rights.

Girls are extremely susceptible to disease and domestic violence and are restricted access to education due to the early age at which they give birth and begin caring for their children.

As stakeholder group interest in human rights issues has grown, so too have corporate efforts to engage in dialogue with these groups.

Corporations and Human Rights

Performing a diagnostic may include a review of the human rights practices in the countries and regions in which products are manufactured, purchased, extracted or grown; the degree to which business partners operate their companies consistent with human rights practices; the views of stakeholder groups concerning the human rights records of governments in countries where the company has operations, and the types of human rights principles that are relevant to the company's operations or those of its partners.

Providing satellites, planes, missiles and other lethal high-tech items to the Pentagon keeps the profits rolling in. So Big Business begot Big Government. Victory, but justice deferred? The National Consumers' League's award has been given to companies for their efforts to promote human rights.

Consequently, company staff may be less familiar with human rights principles and their connection to business practices. Originally, the government had to review and specifically approve each corporate charter as being essential for a specific purpose that was in the public interest.

In the US, claims against corporations for violating labour and environmental standards have had a better chance of being heard thanks to the Alien Tort Claims Act of In a report, Human Rights Watch called on multinationals to jointly establish a committee of the Oil Producers Trade Section of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce to monitor the human rights situation in the oil-producing communities and “make public and private protests to the Nigerian government when violations occur” [HRW].

Human rights in Nigeria are protected under the most current constitution of Nigeria has made serious improvements in human rights under this constitution though the American Human Rights Report of notes areas where significant improvement is needed, which include.

In Decemberthe company settled a lawsuit filed by 15 Burmese villagers, in which the villagers alleged Unocal's complicity in a range of human rights violations in Burma, including rape, summary execution, torture, forced labor and forced migration. NIGERIA HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nigeria is a federal republic composed of 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Establish Formal Human Rights Policy: Companies committed to ensuring that their operations help promote respect for human rights often establish corporate human rights principles and standards. These policies vary depending on the nature of the business and the.

The link between mineral business and abuse of human rights the actors in the conflict. They have, moreover, neglected the role of multinational corporations in the DRC conflict. (Share the World‘s Resources – STWR) guidelines for the ethical behavior of multinationals established by the Organization for.

Human rights records of multinationals in nigeria
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